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nt139-2011As any pool owner can tell you, having a swimming pool requires a lot of equipment, maintenance, and accessories. That’s why poolhouses are so common among pool owners who can afford them. While a pool house may be just a dream for many, there’s no harm in dreaming, so today we’ve compiled a list of must-haves for the poolhouse of our dreams. Take a look! Childproof storage for chemicals.  It is of the utmost importance to keep pool chemicals in a childproof place. Our ideal poolhouse would include a closet with a locking door for storing the chemicals that are necessary to open and close the pool and to keep it running smoothly. Exposing children and visitors to these toxic mixtures can result in horrible consequences, so there is no need to run that risk.

4_20person_20corner_20unit-_202_20models-1Just because your pool may be closed for the season doesn’t mean you should put away those bathing suits! Swimming Pool Outfitters also has a great selection of relaxing spa equipment. Heat things up in your very own hot tub this winter. Your friends will love getting snowed in at your place. Fire up the bubbles and relax during almost any kind of weather, even blizzards! There’s just something magical about watching snow fall from the comfort of the hot water. Try out any of our three portable spa options – we even have an inflatable option so you can take it with you in the camper and relax on vacation!