4_20person_20corner_20unit-_202_20models-1Just because your pool may be closed for the season doesn’t mean you should put away those bathing suits! Swimming Pool Outfitters also has a great selection of relaxing spa equipment. Heat things up in your very own hot tub this winter. Your friends will love getting snowed in at your place. Fire up the bubbles and relax during almost any kind of weather, even blizzards! There’s just something magical about watching snow fall from the comfort of the hot water. Try out any of our three portable spa options – we even have an inflatable option so you can take it with you in the camper and relax on vacation!

Diving boards and water slides are recognizably the most stereotypical additions to any pool. While they are inarguably tons of fun, some awesome pool accessories out there are woefully unknown. Here’s a look at the hottest pool accessories for this summer.

nt1735VIP Seating. Treat yourself to our elegant Unsinkable Scalloped Chaise, which comes equipped with two cup holders so you can maximize pool time. You’ll look as stylish as you feel. Choose between aqua and bronze. If you want to share your float space, consider the Luxury Cabana, which boasts enough room for two and a removable sun shade. You can also investigate our huge selection of other floats for more designs guaranteed to please the whole family.