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MC900295683Winter isn’t the end of the world, but we sure do miss the warm sunshine of summer! If you’re anything like us, we’re betting you can’t wait to get your pool opened back up this spring. Swimming pools are such a great source of fun and swimming is a very healthy activity. Here are five nostalgic memories we can’t wait to relive!

Sunbathing. Mmmm. Just imagine floating around in a pool in the warm sunshine or lounging on the deck reading a book. So relaxing! It’s just not quite the same with the cold of winter nipping at your nose every time you leave the house.

nt244_noodleconnectorPool noodles are a staple of poolside life. Floating is easier than ever, plus kids love to pick out their favorite color and to use the hole in the middle of the noodle to shoot water at each other. However, these common pool accessories have proven themselves to be useful in many, many ways. Here are just a few ways to get the most from your pool noodles: