Five Creative Uses For Pool Noodles

Five Creative Uses For Pool Noodles

nt244_noodleconnectorPool noodles are a staple of poolside life. Floating is easier than ever, plus kids love to pick out their favorite color and to use the hole in the middle of the noodle to shoot water at each other. However, these common pool accessories have proven themselves to be useful in many, many ways. Here are just a few ways to get the most from your pool noodles:

Prevent your child from falling out of bed! If your child routinely falls out of bed while sleeping, try this home remedy. Add a pool noodle to the bed’s edge underneath a fitted sheet.

Rid your boots of creases! Cut a pool noodle into the appropriate length and insert into your boots. This method is much less expensive than purchasing boot stands, plus you can customize each length of noodle for boots of different heights.

Keep kids entertained indoors! It may be hard to imagine, but pool noodles can be transformed into rainy day activities with a few simple slices. Slice right down the middle for two racetracks for small items, like marbles or matchbox cars. Another clever idea is to chop a noodle into 26 discs and write the alphabet on the sides. With a long piece of rope, kids can string noodle discs together into messages or just colorful art.

Fight the Dark Side! All you need for this is a roll of duct tape and a black marker. Pick your lightsaber color and wrap one end in duct tape. Decorate with the black marker and voila! You’re a Jedi! Or maybe a bad guy. Perfect party accessory for any Star Wars enthusiasts! This idea does come with a warning though. If you make one of these and hand it to a child, please be prepared for that child to start hitting anything and everything in his or her path!

Host your own Olympics! Pool noodle connectors are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Get creative and set up a backyard course of your own. Join colorful noodle rings together and you’ve got your very own targets for noodle-javelins, Frisbees, beanbags, balls and more.