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nt139-2011As any pool owner can tell you, having a swimming pool requires a lot of equipment, maintenance, and accessories. That’s why poolhouses are so common among pool owners who can afford them. While a pool house may be just a dream for many, there’s no harm in dreaming, so today we’ve compiled a list of must-haves for the poolhouse of our dreams. Take a look! Childproof storage for chemicals.  It is of the utmost importance to keep pool chemicals in a childproof place. Our ideal poolhouse would include a closet with a locking door for storing the chemicals that are necessary to open and close the pool and to keep it running smoothly. Exposing children and visitors to these toxic mixtures can result in horrible consequences, so there is no need to run that risk.

Now that the New Year is upon us, the daily temperature has dropped significantly since the autumn. You may not be using your pool, as it’s likely you’ve already taken steps to winterize it, but isn’t it nice to imagine swimming in a beautiful heated pool? Adding a heater to your pool means you’ll be able to consider opening it earlier in the springtime, and similarly, you won’t have to close it as early in the fall. Check out a few of the options we have to offer!

ne970_minimax100_1For above ground pool owners… try our MINIMAX® 100 HIGH PERFORMANCE HEATER! Our high performance Mini Max 100 is a compact lightweight pool and spa heater that delivers 100,000 BTU of heating power. This lightweight, efficient and easy to install unit features a simple and precise temperature control. Imagine how lovely a dip in your heated above ground pool could be with this great pool heater. 

na413Even after dark, a well-lit pool can be a relaxing and enjoyable place for adults and well-supervised children. The average working person doesn't have that much time during the daylight to kick back and enjoy themselves by the pool anyway! Many of our great accessories are easy to enjoy during daylight, but after nightfall, shooting hoops in the pool or diving for sinking toys can be way more difficult! This month, we present some of our pool tools and toys that enhance your aquatic nightlife.