Five Great Nighttime Pool Enhancements

Five Great Nighttime Pool Enhancements

na413Even after dark, a well-lit pool can be a relaxing and enjoyable place for adults and well-supervised children. The average working person doesn’t have that much time during the daylight to kick back and enjoy themselves by the pool anyway! Many of our great accessories are easy to enjoy during daylight, but after nightfall, shooting hoops in the pool or diving for sinking toys can be way more difficult! This month, we present some of our pool tools and toys that enhance your aquatic nightlife.


nu100_2Solar-powered lights.

Solar powered lights don’t contribute to your electricity bill, which is great because you’re already paying to power the pool itself. Another bonus to solar powered accessories is that they recharge all day while the sun is out and turn themselves on at night to light up your pool, fence,  yard, or all three! How convenient!


na446Lights with fancy effects.

Nighttime is the perfect time to show off your pool with a colorful lightshow or color changing pool lights. From portable lightshows that work even out of the pool to lights that come equipped with speakers, you’re sure to find something that will impress any pool party guest. These lights can turn your entire pool into a unique decoration that can enhance any party whether you plan on swimming or not. Consider adding lights to any patio or spa umbrellas to light up the action.



Wouldn’t your pool look awesome at night with a glowing fountain? From spinning fountain water shows to color changing centerpiece fountains, there are all kinds of fun fountain effects available. Plus, we think whoever invented this remote control floating fountain lightshow that actually dances to your music deserves a high five! It would be hard NOT to throw pool parties more often with one of these.


np5830-6personHot tub.

A hot tub is a great place to relax, especially when you don’t have the energy to swim around. Sizes range from an inexpensive inflatable spa that you can set up anywhere to a deluxe six person hot tub. Add a spa umbrella or color-changing lights if you want to get really fancy! Hot water, steam and bubble jets can ease tension and stress, and relaxing before bedtime helps you fall asleep and stay asleep all night.


nt145_ultimatelounger_priceThe Most Relaxing Setup Ever.

Take a second to consider the idea of a remote control boat that is also a pool skimmer. Convincing your children to perform a chore has never been easier. Now imagine yourself lounging in the middle of your pool, as comfortable as it gets. All your other pool accessories are already put away in your handy float caddy. What happens when you start to get thirsty? Here’s a creative solution: attach a small inflatable tube to your RC boat and get someone to load it up with drinks for you! With the right sidekick, you’ll need a clock outside to make sure you don’t just stay in the pool forever!