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na4472Spending time in your pool is a great way to stay in shape (or get there!) The water relieves a lot of the pressure on your joints, meaning they’re not at risk for supporting too much of a load. Aqua Dancing – We mentioned this briefly in a blog earlier this year but it’s too great an idea to pass up. Choose your favorite tunes, blast them on a poolside stereo, and dance like nobody is watching. We have a selection of pool-compatible speakers available, including the wireless PoolTunes and a light-up fountain that actually dances to your music too!

na413Even after dark, a well-lit pool can be a relaxing and enjoyable place for adults and well-supervised children. The average working person doesn't have that much time during the daylight to kick back and enjoy themselves by the pool anyway! Many of our great accessories are easy to enjoy during daylight, but after nightfall, shooting hoops in the pool or diving for sinking toys can be way more difficult! This month, we present some of our pool tools and toys that enhance your aquatic nightlife.