Summer Vacation Safety Tips

Summer Vacation Safety Tips

Happy-Pool-PartiersSchools are finishing up the academic year soon, and kids everywhere will finally regain the freedom that comes along with summer vacation. Unfortunately, most adults don’t enjoy the same luxury. Here are a few pool safety tips to keep in mind this summer!

Prepare for the worst. Always have emergency rescue equipment at your disposal. At the bare minimum, you will definitely want the basics, like a first aid kit and a life ring. Compile a list of phone numbers you might need in an emergency and keep them near the pool area.  

Triple-check locked pool gates. Children have a tendency to explore, and don’t always recognize danger. Many states have laws requiring fences around pools, but even if it isn’t a legal requirement where you live, it’s certainly still a good idea. Invest in a self-closing, self-latching gate for your pool area, and make sure to triple check the lock when you leave the area to deter unsupervised pool access.

Always supervise children. Whether they are splashing around in the pool or just playing in the vicinity, children must never be left alone near a pool. Tragedy can strike in the blink of an eye – you can’t predict when an accident will happen, but you can be present and prepared.   

Swim with a buddy. Swimming alone is risky business. Even the most experienced swimmers can still potentially slip on unseen water and suffer a fall. Unexpected health problems might crop up while you’re in the water, like leg cramps or worse. Having a pool companion, in or out of the water, could save your life! Seems worth it, right?

Use flotation devices properly. Many inflatable pool toys are not intended to save lives, which it explicitly states on their labels. Teach all of the swimmers who use your pool about using your floaties safely. If your guests are not strong swimmers, ask them to stay in the shallow end or wear a PFD.

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