swimSwimming pools aren’t all fun and games – there are a variety of other reasons to become a pool owner! 5. Improves flexibility. Swimmers of all ages can improve their flexibility with regular swims. This is an especially enjoyable way to exercise for people who suffer from arthritis or stiff joints. Since water is about twelve times denser than air, it is able to support more of your body’s weight, making it easier to be active. 4. Builds muscle tone. On the same note, the increased resistance of water, as compared to air, can help build muscle tone in dedicated swimmers. Resistance exercises are well known as a great way to build muscle tone. So if you’re looking to improve your physique, swimming can actually be more efficient than jogging or other popular exercises.

na4472Spending time in your pool is a great way to stay in shape (or get there!) The water relieves a lot of the pressure on your joints, meaning they’re not at risk for supporting too much of a load. Aqua Dancing – We mentioned this briefly in a blog earlier this year but it’s too great an idea to pass up. Choose your favorite tunes, blast them on a poolside stereo, and dance like nobody is watching. We have a selection of pool-compatible speakers available, including the wireless PoolTunes and a light-up fountain that actually dances to your music too!