Four Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Pool

Four Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Pool

Welcome to springtime! Today is the first official day of the season and we’re betting you can’t wait to open your pool back up. Forget the dull, waterlogged activities of yesterday, like swimming laps and seeing how long you can hold your breath underwater. Here are some fresh new ideas for this year.


Aquatic Choreography. Everyone has heard of water aerobics. Why not make up your own moves at home? Crank up some tunes that make you smile and choreograph your own water ballet. Invite your friends to join in and make it a fun weekly summer activity. It’s a great way to get in shape, and you can even enhance your workout with aquatic weights. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next star on YouTube for your amazing routines!


Underwater-girl-900x198Underwater Photography. Capture your fondest memories of summer from a new perspective – underwater! You’ll be able to record a diving competition from below or host an underwater mermaid fashion show. Kids will be thrilled with this great idea for any pool party. Disposable underwater cameras are available between $10 and $20 at local drugstores. Photography tip: Stick to the shallow end and wait for days when the sun is shining directly overhead. Scuba gear or other underwater breathing equipment will be helpful if you plan to spend a lot of time taking underwater pictures. Serious photographers should consider investing in aquatic camera equipment and investigate pool lighting for original effects.


Raft Building. 
First of all, and this is important, make sure you do not allow any materials to enter your pool that could cause damage to any part of it. Avoid metal objects, sharp items and electronics. Get innovative with pool-safe items like pool noodles, mesh netting, inflatables and more to build a custom float just for you, or host a competition for budding inventors and race their homemade rafts.


Swim Cinema. Create your own “dive-in” movie theatre! Hang up a white sheet for the screen near your pool and use an HD projector to play your favorite DVDs or spring for a fully equipped inflatable backyard movie screen. Choose water themed movies such as Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, 50 First Dates, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.  If you don’t mind allowing food in your pool, set up a poolside concession stand for drinks and snacks. Encourage each guest to bring his or her favorite float, preferably one with a cupholder. Be careful to provide proper lighting and safety guidelines, as most projectors work best at night. If children will be in attendance, request that a parent or guardian accompanies each child into the pool for maximum supervision and peace of mind.