Four Fun Pool Games

Four Fun Pool Games


Having the right games to play can turn a familiar old swimming pool into a new and exciting aquatic playground. Not only is it a good way to combine exercise with fun, but having fun, easy and structured games makes any pool party an instant hit with swimmers of any level or age. Here are some suggestions for hours of entertainment.

Diving Competitions – If your swimming pool has a diving board with a nearby ladder, chances are you already have diving competitions all the time. Swan dives, cannonballs, belly flops, seeing who can make the biggest splash – these are all classic contests. Don’t hesitate to put a twist on the traditional activities and make up your own set of new rules – maybe ask contestants to strike a pose in mid-air while someone takes a photo, then judge the resulting set of pictures. Another idea – you could get some sinking pool toys and see who can scoop the most up in one breath. Get creative!

Splash Race – Gear everyone up with some kind of float (think life vests, noodles or aqua saddles – nothing too bulky) and let the games begin! Line everyone up on one side of the pool and give them each a rubber duck. The contestants must race their ducks from one side of the pool to the other without touching the duck at all! They must splash the duck to move it along, hopefully in the right direction. No cheating and splashing competitors’ ducks!

Noodle Jousting – This game is for two players at a time. The players must choose their noodle weapon, and then both sit together on some kind of float. For medieval jousting, kids can climb atop a floating dragon. Players are encouraged to battle with the noodles until one or the other falls into the water (adult supervision is obviously a must).

Obstacle Course – Combine any of your favorite child-friendly floats to make a crazy obstacle course and invent a set of rules for the course. Kids will love timing themselves, then trying to improve on their best times; not to mention competing against their siblings, cousins and friends. Go all out with our more inventive floats like the water park slide, the floating pyramid, and the inflatable water wheel for an unforgettable pool adventure that people of all ages will love.