Four Ways You Can Harness the Sun

Four Ways You Can Harness the Sun

Springtime is here, and we all know what that means – time to get out the sunscreen lotion! Pool season is sun season. Here are some great ways to improve your poolside experience with solar power.

ns6122-6126Heat your pool. Sick of swimming with the icebergs? There’s no need to tolerate chilly waters when you can just let the sun warm your pool up! Solar energy is magnified through the lens of this pool heater, which can raise the temperature of your pool by up to five degrees per week! Once you start swimming in your very own heated swimming pool, you’ll wonder what took you so long to invest in a heater! Even if you already have a pool heater, you may want to consider replacing it with a solar powered pool heater to cut costs on your electricity bill.

ne6750Filter your water. This floating pump and filtration system is 100% solar powered. Stop running up utility costs and switch today. The system is powered by an array of solar cells on the top of the unit which generate electricity, which powers the pump underneath the unit. Did we mention it’s also really quiet? While you’re simultaneously cleaning your pool water and saving money, you’ll also be able to hear your music better, or just bask in the relaxing silence!

nu100_2Light your path. These sleek solar powered lights are on stakes, so you can just stab them into the ground anywhere you like. Line your walkway with them for nighttime swims, or just decorate your garden with them! Plus, you’ll never have to remember to turn them off. These lights collect energy all day long (even on cloudy days) and automatically turn on at dusk to emit long-lasting radiance throughout the night. The comforting glow of these lights can really illuminate your yard and bring out beauty at night that you never noticed before.

nu1620-shower-poleRinse you off. It’s good practice to shower before and after a dip in the pool. That way, your pool water stays cleaner and your pool filtration system won’t have to deal with as many foreign materials or chemicals, such as perfumes, deodorants, etc.  A post-swim shower can rinse any lingering pool chemicals off your body. Simply mount the shower anywhere within reach of a garden hose. Then, hook it up, fill it up and let the sun go to work. No expensive installation or plumbing required.

For more great products for your pool, both solar powered and otherwise, check out the rest of the Swimming Pool Outfitters website! We’ve got everything you’ll need for summer fun.