Five Health Benefits of Swimming

Five Health Benefits of Swimming

swimSwimming pools aren’t all fun and games – there are a variety of other reasons to become a pool owner!

5. Improves flexibility. Swimmers of all ages can improve their flexibility with regular swims. This is an especially enjoyable way to exercise for people who suffer from arthritis or stiff joints. Since water is about twelve times denser than air, it is able to support more of your body’s weight, making it easier to be active.

4. Builds muscle tone. On the same note, the increased resistance of water, as compared to air, can help build muscle tone in dedicated swimmers. Resistance exercises are well known as a great way to build muscle tone. So if you’re looking to improve your physique, swimming can actually be more efficient than jogging or other popular exercises.

3. Weight control. If you want to focus on fitness, interval training is one of the most effective ways to begin controlling your weight. Depending on the stroke, you can burn quite a few calories. The basic breast stroke will burn about 60 calories during 10 minutes of swimming, while the butterfly stroke can burn around 150 calories (wow!) Taking advantage of quick bursts of these strokes in short intervals is the most effective way to burn calories while swimming.

2. Lowers stress. Swimming is an exercise that uniquely combines the meditative qualities of rhythmic breathing, yoga-like constant stretching, and the release of endorphins that comes after any physical workout.

1. Living longer? According to, swimmers between 20 and 90 years of age participated in a study, and were all 50% less likely to die during the study than others who preferred sitting on sofas, walking, or running. Why? No one is totally sure, but swimming does boast low injury risk, full-body toning and joint-friendly cardio.